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The aim of our lab is to design and apply catalysts based on early transition metals, main group elements, to realize the sustainable transformation of fossil sources and biomass into value-added chemicals!  Currently, we are focusing on two directions:

1) group IV metals catalyzed the functionalization of alkenes and alkanes;

2) new methods for main group elements' bonds formation

Prof. Xiangbing Qi from National Institute of Biological Sciences visited LICP and gave a talk 2024.6.28

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Prof. Shuanhu Gao from East China Normal University and Prof. Jiarong Chen from Central China Normal University visited LICP and gave two talks 2024.6.7

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Prof. James Morken from Bosten College and Prof. Simon Meek from UNC Chapel Hill visited LICP and gave two talks 2024.6.4


Welcome Mirko Rippke From LIKAT join our group as a visiting student. 2024.4.3


Congratulations to Sida Li for successfully passing the doctoral dissertation defense!2023.11.22

Our paper on the Si-B functional group exchange reactions is published in JACS, congratulations to Jiong Zhang, Chunping Ren, and our collaborator Liu Leo Liu and Rui Wei. 2023.7.7. link

Congratulations to Han Bo for successfully passing the doctoral dissertation defense!


Contact Us

State Key Laboratory for Oxo Synthesis and Selective Oxidation, Suzhou Research Institute of LICP


Tel: (+86) 151 1693 1657

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