The aim of our lab is to design and apply catalysts based on transition metals, main group elements, to realize the sustainable transformation of fossil source and biomass into value-added chemicals!  Currently, we are focusing on two directions:

1) early transition metals catalyzed the transformation of alkenes and alkanes;

2) photoredox catalysis for main group elements bonds formation

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Our Paper about zirconium-catalyzed transfer hydrogenation of quinoline and indole is accepted by Org. Chem. Front. congrats to Xin Cui! 2021.06.09 link

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Our Paper about zirconium-catalyzed hydroboration of amides is accepted by Chin. J. Catal. congrats to Bo Han, and Jiong Zhang! 2021.05.31 link

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Dr. L. Wu wins 2021 Thieme Chemistry Journal Award.

Our Perspective about multi(boronate) ester synthesis from alkenes and alkynes is accepted by ACS Catal., congrats to Xianjin, and Yue Wang! 2020.11.24 link


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