The aim of our lab is to design and apply catalysts based on transition metals, main group elements, to realize the sustainable transformation of fossil source and biomass into value-added chemicals!  Currently, we are focusing on two directions:

1) early transition metals catalyzed the transformation of alkenes and alkanes;

2) photoredox catalysis for main group elements bonds formation

Our Perspective about multi(boronate) ester synthesis from alkenes and alkynes is accepted by ACS Catal., congrats to Xianjin, and Yue Wang! 2020.11.24 link

Our paper about zirconium-catalyzed 1,1-diboration of alkenes is online, congrats to Xianjin and all the members! 2020.4.16

Prof. Matthias Beller visited LICP@Suzhou! 2019.10.25

Prof. Dr. Matthias Beller paid a visit to  LICP @ Suzhou and gave a talk titled "Chemistry & Catalysis: Key Tools for a Circular Economy". Professor Beller started with the concept of global energy consumption "Country Overshoot Days" and explained the importance of clean synthesis and sustainable energy development. He then talked about the latest progress in his research group on carbon dioxide photocatalytic reduction and transition metal-catalyzed carbon dioxide conversion. The talk also included their efforts in the area of heterocyclic ring hydrogenation, C-C bond cleavage, and olefin carbonylation, especially the recent breakthrough progress the direct synthesis of adipic acid esters via palladium-catalyzed carbonylation of 1,3-dienes. The report lasted for 90 minutes and closed with his suggestions to the graduate students.

Prof. Keiji Maruoka visited LICP! 2019.10.8

Prof. Dr. Keiji Maruoka from Kyoto University paid a visit in LICP @ Suzhou and gave a talk about the "Design of New High-Performance Organoradical Catalysts for Selective Organic Synthesis",during the talk he talked about his research on the development of  novel chiral organic catalysts and their practical application in large scale synthesis and new strategy for peptide synthesis.

Welcome Xin Cui! 2019.7.15

Xin Cui graduated from Yunnan Minzu University joined our lab as a research associate. Welcome!

Prof. Shoufei Zhu visited LICP! 2019.7.8

Invited by Prof. Wei Sun, Prof. Dr. Shoufei Zhu from Nankai University paid a visit in LICP @ Suzhou and gave a talk about the "Catalytic Hydrogen Transfer Reactions",during the talk he talked about his research on the development of  novel “chiral proton shuttle” catalysts for metal-catalyzed reactions, which can realize efficient chiral control of proton transfer of active intermediates and various efficient transition-metal catalysts for the hydrogenation and hydrosilylation, which contain metal-hydride transfers as key steps,

Welcome Sida Li! 2019.6.22

Sida graduated from Yunnan Minzu University joined our lab as a research associate. Welcome!

Prof. Aiwen Lei visited LICP! 2018.12.3

Invited by Dr. Lin He and Dr. Chao Liu, Prof. Aiwen Lei from Wuhan University paid a visit in LICP @ Suzhou and gave a talk about the "Oxidation-induced C-H Activation and Oxidative Cross-coupling",during the talk he shared the  results of using XAFS to disclose the reaction mechanism and recent progress using electrical chemistry induced one electron reduction for C-H bond cleavage and C-X bond formation reactions.

Prof. Nakano from Hokkaido University visited us! 2018.11.20

Invited by Dr. Yue Wang, Prof. Nakano from Hokkaido University paid a short visit to our Lab during his stay in Suzhou.

our first paper about carbon dioxide reduction is on line! 2018.11.19

Many congrats to Xianya, his paper about carbon dioxide reduction using main group species was just accepted!

Welcome Dr. Yue Wang! 2018.10.22

Dr. Yue Wang graduated from Hokkaido University joined our group as an assistant professor. Welcome!

Prof. Jin Xie from Nanjing University visited LICP

Prof. Xie from Nanjing University visited us on 2018.10.12, he gave a very interesting talk on the development of synergistic catalysis by using photo-redox catalysts and organic or transition metal catalysts for selective hydroarylation of 1,3-diynes, ketone synthesis from aromatic carboxylic acid and alkenes, umpolung trifluoromethylthiolation of tertiary ethers, inverse hydroboration of imines and stories behind those results.

Prof. Frank Glorius Visted LICP

Prof. Frank Glorius from the University of Munster visited us today and gave a talk titled "On discovery in catalysis". He mainly talked his research from 3 parts, the NHC on/in the surface, hydrogenation of heterocycles and screening strategy he developed for function group tolerance. Most importantly, after his talk, he played Ping-pang with us.

Welcome Xiaonan Shi join our lab! 2018.07.16

Xiaonan Shi joined our lab today right after her graduation from Henan Normal University, Welcome!

Welcome Xianjin Wang join our Lab! 2018.7.3

Xianjin Wang, who just graduated from Qingdao University of Science and Technology joined our lab!

Prof. Xuefeng Jiang from ECNU visited LICP@Suzhou

Prof. Xuefeng Jiang from ECNU was invited by Prof. Wei Sun to give us a lecture on last Friday. He talked about the development of strategies and reagents for sustainable organic synthesis (total synthesis and sulfuration reactions) developed in his research group in the last 7 years. 

Welcome Yulong Xu Join our lab!

Yulong Xu, a  master student from Jilin University joined our lab as a  research associate.

Welcome Xianya Wang join our lab!

Xianya Wang, who was a research associate in SIOC joined our lab recently as a Ph. D student.

Our Lab is ready to use!

after two months of work, our lab is ready to use!

Congrats to Master Supervisor Prof. Rui Wang

Congrats to my master supervisor Prof. Rui Wang from Lanzhou University, he is selected to be the member of Chinese Academy of Engineering in the area of medicine and health, see links for more details.

New Jacs paper just accpeted

Lipeng first paper in the area of main group chemistry titled "Non-Metal Catalysed Heterodehydrocoupling of Phosphines and Hydrosilanes: Mechanistic Studies of B(C6F5)3-Mediated Formation of P-Si Bonds" is accepted and online please see http://pubs.acs.org/doi/10.1021/jacs.7b09175

2017 Nobel Prize in Chemistry

The Nobel Prize in Chemistry 2017 was awarded to Jacques Dubochet, Joachim Frank and Richard Henderson "for developing cryo-electron microscopy for the high-resolution structure determination of biomolecules in solution".

Our Website is online

Our website www.wulp-lab.com is online on 29.09.2017, please send to your friends who are interested in cooperations, searching for job positions, studies.

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Dr. L. Wu wins 2021 Thieme Chemistry Journal Award.


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