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Book Chapters

1. L. Wu, Q. Liu, R. Jackstell, M. Beller*, “Recent Progress in Carbon Dioxide Reduction Using Homogeneous Catalysts”, Top Organomet Chem, Book Chapter in Carbon Dioxide and Organometallics (Ed.: X.-B. Lu). DOI: 10.1007/3418_2015_109, 279-304. link

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5. DE102014214606.2 A Catalytic Process for the Formation of Esters

4. DE 102013215705.3 Direct Synthesis of Carboxylic Acids Ester from Carbon Dioxide and Olefins

3. DE 102013201665 Synthesis of Phosphine Ligands Derived from 2-Phosphino-Substituted Heterocycles and Their Application in Ruthenium-catalyzed Hydroaminomethylation of Olefins

2. DE 102013201668 Selectively Ruthenium-catalyzed Hydroaminomethylation of Olefins

1. DE 102013201669 Ruthenium-catalyzed Carbonylation of Olefins

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